Our most commonly ordered sizes and types of postcards are listed as options. For custom items or anything you do not see listed, please contact us here.

Paper Type

Gloss - Great for high resolution photographs and images.

Uncoated - Has texture and provides a more personalized feel.

Artwork Guidelines

Refer to our design documents to get more information about how to format the artwork for your item.

Turnaround (business days)

Time it will take to produce your selected item after final artwork is received. Delays may occur if our designers identify errors in the uploaded artwork. Turnaround time only applies to printing (doesn't include design) and does not account for events out of our control (Ex: inclement weather). Your items will be ready by 5 pm or earlier on the requested day.

Design Services

Our creative staff can provide a design for your selected item. Be sure to provide as much detail as possible during the checkout process. Design is separate from the production time, so allow at least 2 to 5 business days for design, depending on the complexity. Refer to our design documents to get more information about simple, average, and complex designs. NOTE: It's more cost effective to choose the appropriate complexity in the beginning than to incur additional design charges.

Physical Proof

It is recommended to order a physical proof if you are unsure about the paper type, care deeply about color matching, or if it is your first time printing a certain design. Images can sometimes print differently than how they show up on the screen, and a physical proof prevents surprises when your order is complete. You can order a physical proof on the type of paper that you are ordering or request a physical proof on a gloss and uncoated stock so you can compare.

Mailing Service

Our mailing services handle addressing and postage for your items. We also use bulk postage rate when possible to significantly reduce the cost of postage. If this option is selected, then one of our staff members will contact you about your mailing.